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Website Design & Marketing for the Firearms industry

Gun Store ECommerce

Are you ready to take your firearms business to the next level?


Our eCommerce platform includes everything needed to develop, setup and run a custom, mobile-friendly, online gun store for your existing brick-and-mortar business or online startup. Sell your in-stock inventory, drop ship distributor products, and promote other products and services you may offer.

Why Choose Us?

Firearms Wesite Design & GUN SHOP ECommerce Development

We specialize in website design and ecommerce development for firearms dealers, FFLs and gun stores, providing tailored solutions for both offline and online businesses in this sector. Our deep understanding of this specific market ensures a smooth and secure online shopping environment, enabling you to confidently sell firearms, ammunition, accessories and related products.

Our ecommerce solution for gun stores allows you to easily set up and manage your online presence, offering a user-friendly interface for customers to browse and purchase from your extensive range of products ans services you offer, online and in-store. 

Rely on us to create a visually attractive and highly functional website that not only displays your firearms inventory but also adheres to industry regulations.

We recognize the distinct challenges faced by firearms ecommerce and are dedicated to supporting your business’s success online.

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Firearms eCommerce - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Selling firearms online provides several advantages, including reaching a larger audience, reducing operating costs, simplifying inventory management, and offering customers the convenience of shopping from home.

Yes, it is legal to sell firearms online in the U.S., provided all transactions comply with federal, state, and local laws, including background checks and FFL transfers.

In the U.S., only licensed firearms dealers (FFLs) can legally sell firearms online.

Effective marketing strategies include organic SEO, local search marketing, social media posting, email marketing, content marketing, and partnering with industry influencers.

Absolutely, we specialize in creating SEO-friendly firearms websites to help improve visibility and enhance search engine rankings.

Yes, firearms businesses are considered high-risk, and integrating a high-risk payment processor is necessary to handle transactions securely.

Popular platforms for gun-selling websites include WooCommerce, Big Commerce and Magento. We specialize in WooCommerce website development for firearms-related businesses because of reduced development costs, platform scalability and design flexibility.

Yes, having a unique and engaging website can greatly enhance the user experience, build brand identity, and improve conversion rates.

We integrate with several leading U.S. firearms suppliers. The list is constantly being updated.

seamlessly connect to the top industry distributors offering hundreds of thousands of products. It is specifically designed for firearms dealers to streamline their e-commerce inventory and fulfillment processes . The software syncs with many distributor feeds and can automate your firearms drop-shipping operation.

Feature Highlights:

  • Configure 1-to-many supported distributors and feed products into your eCommerce website, Gunbroker, AmmoSeek and Gun.Deals.
  • Inventory is updated every 20-minutes to ensure in-stock quantities are updated continuously.
  • Easily set pricing and listing options, along with configuring the inclusion/exclusion of specific brands.
  • Based on availability and pricing, products are selected to lower overall cost automatically.
  • View a report of all items being listed, including pricing from each distributor. You can search UPC codes, or product names and get product availability.
  • Works with our FFL Locator software to automatically “tag” firearms as requiring FFL selection during checkout.
  • Automatically fulfill distributor orders with an optimized ordering algorithm to ensure you are minimizing your overall cost to fulfill an order.
  • Made specifically for firearms dealers to help with drop-shipping processes, but drop shipping is not a requirement. 

Current Distributor Integrations Available:

Inventory Feed & Automated Fulfillment: Lipseys, RSR Group, Sports South, Zanders, 2nd Amendment Wholesale, Chatanooga Shooting Supplies, Crow Shooting Supply, Bill HIcks (In Testing)

Inventory Feed Only: AmChar, Camfour, Davidsons, Gun Accessory Supply (Fulfillment Coming Soon), MSR (Fulfillment Coming Soon

The time frame for completing an eCommerce firearms website project varies, but it typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project’s complexity.

We do not have a fixed price menu of services. The cost depends on the project’s scope and requirements. In general a custom gun shop eCommerce website can range in price from $9,000 to $30,000+ for large complex sites with tens of thousands of products and multiple distributor integrations. Contact us for a customized quote.

Please note that the FFL dealer your customer chooses will conduct a background check. Ensure your checkout process includes a field for customers to provide the FFL details.

Please note that the FFL dealer your customer chooses will conduct a background check. Ensure your checkout process includes a field for customers to provide the FFL details.

Yes, firearms can be drop shipped directly to an FFL dealer for customer pickup.

Yes, our system includes an FFL search option to help customers find licensed dealers in their geographic area.

Yes, buyers can access and view a list of nearby FFL dealers during checkout.

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